Welcome to benji!

Maybe you already know a bit about benji™ – if so, you know we love our home – planet Earth. That said, each of us is on a journey of discovery in this most unusual time and are learning every day how our actions as humans are often harming the planet we love. I too, am guilty. I want to be less so but indeed, I am guilty.

What can we do to reduce our harm to the planet?

Start. Start reading. Learning. Start putting less food waste in landfill. Stop using small gas engines. Start preserving the things we buy. Refrigerators. Dishwashers. Furnaces. Furniture.

Yeah, but am I really helping?

Putting less organic material in landfills significantly reduces methane gas. Methane gas has 26 times the negative greenhouse effect as CO2- and is produced by rotting food. Composting can reduce methane production dramatically.

By maintaining our expensive systems and appliances we preserve their embodied energy. When we toss a refrigerator in the landfill, we lose the energy and resources that were used to manufacture the item in the first place. If we keep an appliance for even 1 year extra – we preserve thousands of gallons of water and tens of thousands of watts of energy.

What can I do right now?

  1. COMPOST – One powerful way to reduce methane gas is to compost. Composting nearly eliminates the production of methane gas. Instead, important, nutrient-rich compost is created. Beautiful garden. Beautiful flowers.
  2. USE ELECTRIC – For example, replacing a gas powered engine with an electric equivalent is now better in every measurable way.
  3. REGULAR MAINTENANCE – Perform regular preventative maintenance on systems like your furnace. Clean your refrigerator coils. This act alone significantly reduces the heat within the workhorse of your food-keeper… the compressor. Heat causes things to use much more energy while reducing the lifespan of your appliances by more than half. One quick way to reduce heat is to keep filters and compartments clean.

The list of items to be maintained- that can have a huge impact on your energy/resources- is big. The importance of doing so is much bigger.

I don’t have the time, is there a convenient service?

This is why benji™ was created.

We are launching benji™ starting with an emphasis on lawn mowing and lawn care. benji™ is recruiting highly skilled lawn technicians that use ALL ELECTRIC equipment. They cut better, are far quieter and require virtually no maintenance.

In short order, benji™ will add various services that help homeowners maintain their

homes and reduce their impact on the planet.

benji™…it really is that simple!

Benjamin Head – Founder & CEO